switchboard manufacturing

Switchboard manufacturing involves the design, assembly, and installation of electrical panels that serve as the central control hub for electrical power distribution in a building or facility. At MMB Electrical, our switchboard manufacturing process begins with a comprehensive analysis of the project’s electrical requirements, taking into account factors such as load capacity, safety regulations, and operational efficiency. We then design custom switchboards, incorporating high-quality components and state-of-the-art technologies to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Upgrade, install and maintenance


Availability to customise your switchboard to the project's requirements. Consult with our team to discuss your options.


All design and drawing is conducted by our specialists in-house.
This encourages smooth operations and timely output.


MMB are dedicated to providing safe, certified and professional services. Our switchboards are designed and built under AS/NZS 61439 standards to ensure compliance to your operations.

Safety comes first

Throughout the build of the switchboards, safety procedures are strictly maintained. Every switchboard is tested before it leaves the factory.

These tests include:

  • Closely inspecting the materials.
  • Testing the effectiveness of mechanical actuating elements.
  • Conducting electrical control function test.
  • Recording the insulation measurement/resistance.
  • Responding with dielectric tests when needed.

Specialists in custom control panels and LV switchboards

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Complete in-house manufacturing

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Compliance and safety

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LV Switchboards

MMB Electrical has an experienced team of electricians and builders to deliver your next Switchboard or MCC. With our fully integrated and experienced team, we offer the complete service under one roof. From supply chain management to completion of the product – MMB Electrical is able to deliver on tight frames and offer a reduced number of interfaces to the client.

Custom Control Panels & Remote Operator Panels

MMB Electrical excels in the construction of various custom control panels, offering a comprehensive range of services. This includes the supply, programming, and installation of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or Direct Digital Control (DDC) controllers, as well as installation-only options. We take pride in manufacturing all our custom control panels at our well-equipped workshop located in Perth, Western Australia.


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