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Servicing the commercial and industrial mechanical services construction projects, MMB designs centralised control systems that allow for seamless monitoring and control of all building management systems (BMS), optimising energy usage, maintaining comfortable indoor environments, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. By leveraging advanced technologies and MMB’s expertise in BMS and Controls, the team delivers robust and userfriendly solutions that empower clients to effectively manage and optimise their building’s performance.

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Centralised Control

MMB's advanced BMS control units provide innovative technologies that completely centralise communications.

Energy saving

BMS and controls prioritise efficiency and energy saving. Technologies are integrated into the system that monitor output and accomodate to seasonal conditions.


Upgrades and maintenance are provided to current BMS and control systems. If you have had your current system for some time you might want to consult with our team.

Performance Management

BMS is an essential investment for your business. Unlike a singular unit, BMS delivers complete centralised control. BMS controls are essential for major building fit-outs. 

Benefits of upgrading to a BMS include:

  • Efficient and reliable performance.
  • Synergy across all electrical channels. 
  • Ease of upgrades and integration of new equipment.
  • Energy saving technology. 
  • Temperature control. 
  • Accurate calibration of sensors. 
  • Lower maintenance costs. 
  • Automation of data monitoring. 
  • Predictive capabilities.
  • Integration with building information modelling.
  • Safety and reliability. 

Custom solutions

Build, supply and installation

Reliable and efficient processes

Integrated capabilities

Energy efficiency

Premium quality

Ongoing support and maintenance

Strong client focus

Extensive experience

Friendly Perth team

Upgrades and maintenance

MMB Electrical provides complete builds, upgrades of existing systems as well as installation and ongoing maintenance. A new BMS should be an essential consideration of any major building fit-out or plant upgrade. Systems older than 10 years would benefit from an upgrade or replacement. In order to commence your project, please get in touch with the MMB team with any layout shop drawings or equipment schedules if applicable.


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