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Our team of skilled licensed electricians work closely with business owners and project managers within the commercial and industrial sectors to ensure the safe and efficient routing of electrical wiring. By adhering to industry standards and utilising advanced techniques, MMB Electrical delivers a seamless electrical system that exceeds the client’s expectations in performance, providing a reliable and comfortable environment for business operations. 

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When you work with MMB Electrical, you work closely with our professional team. We're dedicated to providing the best service at an affordable price and in a timely manner.

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MMB Electrical's licensed and insured electricians and engineers use advanced technologies and equipment to ensure increased efficiency and high standards are maintained throughout all steps of operation.

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Since MMB has opened our doors, we've been dedicated to customer service, high quality and innovative practices. Our knowledge and skill surpasses competitors, making our the first choice across WA.

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When it comes to electrical requirements, you want to source the best electrical contractor for the project. Electrical services are the backbone to efficiency in every workplace. When you need a solution, you want a solution as quick as possible and to the highest standard. Sourcing MMB Electrical will guarantee this, and more. 

Our electrical contracting services range from repairs, maintenance and installations. MMB Electrical provides full electrical services for industrial and commercial businesses across Perth and WAs regional areas.

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Electrical Contractors

With over 20 years of experience in the construction and industrial sectors, MMB provides premium electrical contracting and engineering services for a wide range of projects. To begin your project, MMB will require the project’s specifications, layout shop drawings and equipment schedules if applicable. Tendering and direct enquiries will be quoted and once a project is awarded it then goes to MMB’s specialist design team to produce design documentation for approval. MMB’s integrated services allow for unique benefits such as meeting tight deadlines, flexibility to respond to last minute changes and the ability to provide a high-level project efficiently and professionally. To enquire about MMB’s electrical contracting and project management, contact the MMB team today.


Industrial and commercial electrical contractors.